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Heart In Diamond is based in Leicestershire, United Kingdom. Our US office is located in Commerce, Georgia, about an hour away from Atlanta.

We’ve been in business turning human ashes and hair into memorial diamonds for more than 9 years. Even though they’re grown in a laboratory, our diamonds from ashes are 100% identical to naturally mined diamonds.

We’re the only ashes to diamonds producer with our own diamond production facility. Every other company in the industry outsources their production to a third party. This means we guarantee you get your diamond months faster than you would with any other company, and you are guaranteed to pay the lowest prices available.

Using your ashes or hair to create laboratory grown diamonds ensures a conflict-free process. That means human beings were not enslaved, exploited, or harmed in any way to produce these diamonds (Unfortunately, that often happens with natural diamonds, where children can be used to mine them).

And no damage is ever done to the environment (Mining natural diamonds often causes damage to the local environment so great that people can no longer live there).

Our consultants have all experienced tragic and difficult losses in their lives — just like you. Our kindness, compassion, and empathy shines through in every interaction. When possible, we’re happy to show you diamonds in person, and even deliver them ourselves straight to your door.

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